Refund Policy

These terms and conditions (“Terms & Condition”) govern your use of the platform Acehours through a website ( or mobile application (“Product”) owned and operated by Stayright Consultancy Private Limited(“Stayright” / “Us” / ”We”).  

As a user (“User” / “You” / “Seeker” / “Expert” ) of the Platform, you understand and Stayright is a technology platform, enabling access between consultants and users. At times we would gather information and data points for experts to understand your case better to guide in the right direction.


General and Fees Policy

  1. Experts providing consulting services would charge fees on hourly basis which would be given on the platform for the seeker to see and decide.
  2. Platform fees may be charged for the facilitation of the technology that enables you to reach out to experts.
  3. Fees paid to or collected by the platform would be for the purpose of consulting only. This does not include or guarantee any facility or product sales by the platform.
  4. Fees may vary from time to time, without any prior notice and is in full discretion of the platform. Users can see the price during any bookings transparently.
  5. Fees paid for any consultation would be blocked and will not be available for usage for any other purpose.
  6. Once the consultation is over the fees would be paid to the expert and platform as applicable.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

  1. Consultations booked are generally not allowed to cancel the booking. We give priority in having the issue addressed than cancelling the consultation. Users would be provided with alternative consultants to discuss with. 
  2. In case the alternative is not working out, we then go for a refund of the amount back to the source from where it came from. At times it may take four to five working days to have this settled, as this involves multiple banks and financial entities in the backend.
  3. Taxes if any paid cannot be rolled back at any circumstance. Any cancellation done post taxes submitted to authorities, tax amount would be deducted and before the refund.
  4. Refund amount processing may take about seven to fifteen business days to get settled to the source. Generally it may not take that long. However since we have multiple parties in the transaction, settlement may take more than a week’s time. 

For any kind of queries and clarifications you can email us at arbitration of legal queries should be raised to