Who are these Experts?

These are curated list of industry veterans, who have been practising their subjects for couple of decades and have been enrolled based on invitations only

Can I have follow up clarifications after the consultation meeting is over?

Yes, you can have a follow up call with the consultant. You have to check the calendar of the consultant and book it for the follow up discussion.

What if the expert doesn’t turn up for consultation?
We appreciate professionalism and promote it. In case the consultant doesn’t join the call, you will be given another slot to have the discussion. In the worst case if the meeting is not happening we will refund back the blocked amount to your account/wallet/card from where it originated. Please note, taxes if any deducted will not be refunded.
What if the consultation was of no value to me?
Consultants are having experience in the domain they have worked. We believe the discussion would definitely have some value in it. In case you find the expectation is not matching, you can submit them as a feedback post the discussion. We will take up that with the consultant and discuss internally. We would also use the recordings to listen and understand if it was justified. If we found it was really not working, we will work on a compensation mechanism to resolve this.

Further to this, you can always use our Ace Talk feature on the AceHours app and post your queries. You can discuss with our experts and get a knowhow on their responses. This will give you a chance to set the expectations right.  
Are the documents mandatory to submit before the meetings.

Documents like bank statements, GST Returns are used for financial modeling and health checks. These are run through our proprietary algo to generate a score. These scores are used internally for indicative purposes. These help in aligning your case to correct financial institutes. We prefer to have them before the discussion, This also helps consultants to review them and be prepared with the guidance that they can provide for a higher success rate.

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